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     Fasting is giving up something in order to focus on God.  For me, it is usually about food because for me food is something from which I derive great pleasure.  But Betty and I have a friend who eats very little and derives little from it.  What is it that you love…maybe not as much as you love the Lord, but that thing that brings you relief from the stresses of everyday life or brings you pleasure.  Fast that.  I was asked what I was asking the church to fast.  I said, “I don’t assign the what.”, “I only ask them to do more than they did last time.  It’s easy to keep doing what you’ve done, but easy isn’t about fasting.

    If this year you didn’t join the fast or if you took an easy route, start now.  Keep it up until you get it right.  You’ll know when you do.  No one ever said you could only fast for ten days.  Do it until you do it right.