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We're Pentecostal, but without the trappings of tradition and preach about righteousness without legalism.  We are relaxed, but focused on worship and the process of maturing in our relationship with Jesus and each other.


If you've been searching for a place you can call home and you want to know more about who we are, get detailed information, or   learn more, please feel free to contct us. We're always looking forward to serving you!


Pastor Robert & Betty Hayes



Some More About Us .....

EXPERIENCE God with us.  Whether, through a small group or by attending one of our weekly services, we hope that you feel warmly received and enjoy your time with us.  We invite you to continue attending any of our services or group activities to EXPERIENCE for yourself the things South Strand has to offer.  Our weekly services are a great opportunity to meet people and learn more about loving and serving God and the community around us.


DISCOVER By joining a small group, experiencing a discipleship study or becoming a part of a ministry team, we want you to find your place as fast as you can. "DISCOVER" is a class in which you will learn all about us, be introduced to the many opportunities we offer and build relationships with others in our church.  Just as God has a place for you, so do we.


IMPACT in the church or community around us, simply by joining with the one of the IMPACT Groups we offer. Some are Bible Study Groups, some provide outreach ministry and others minister through singing, or interpretive worship and helping people feel welcome when they join us.  IMPACT groups provide ministry and fellowship for believers and an opportunity for the unsaved to experience God.



Should be about the people who are not here yet.....

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